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Peter's Journal

As If You Couldn't Tell From the Icons!

13 August
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Name: Peter Oswald Pettigrew

House and Year: Fifth going on sixth, Gryffindor

Appearance: Peter is pretty plain in comparison to his friends- James is gorgeous, Sirius is roguishly handsome, and even Remus' sensitivity is viewed as attractive by most girls. By all comparisons, Peter is just normal. His hair is blonde, straight, and usually unkempt. His eyes are a dull blue, his skin is light and contrasts with that of James and Sirius.

Personality: Even with the differences between him and his friends, Peter still loves and trusts them with every aspect of his being. He is quite impressionable and is considered a follower by all, especially James and Sirius. He doesn't possess the skills his friends do, but he tries his best at everything anyway. He looks up to his friends with a sense of "hero-worship." He loathes to be alone, and tends to mask his insecurity with a facade of pride. He's often told he's too quiet and timid, so he does his best to imitate Sirius and James, hoping to gain some confidence and attention.

Background: Born in 1960, Peter lived a quiet life with his family, whom he hardly mentions to even his dearest friends. His father was abusive, which resulted in Peter having low self-confidence. He entered Hogwarts and met his best friends, Sirius, James, and Remus, and he's been with them ever since. He feels they are the only people he can trust with his true feelings and values their friendship above all else.

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